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AWS Next-Gen Technology Builders

In recent years, various industries across the business world have been scrambling to digitalize to keep up with the increasingly online habits and changing needs of their customers. With the growing tech capability of hackers, the biggest concern for companies in this move to modernize their operations is the security of their data.

“It’s very obvious that the hacking landscape has become a professional business,” said Jonathan Yaron, CEO of file-sharing platform Accellion. “[Companies are] facing a problem that is not just some hacker sitting on the other corner of the planet and disrupting your business, [they’re] basically fighting capabilities that only institutions like the NSA used to have.”

The solution, therefore, is to work with cloud service platforms that offer a secure environment that allows their database management systems and tech infrastructure to scale without compromising on the flexibility that cloud technology provides.

In AWS’ Next-Gen Technology Builders¬†fireside chat, Yaron talks to Anna Green, the head of AWS’ ISV and DNB segment in Asia Pacific and Japan, about recent trends in cloud-based security and Accellion’s experience in its move to the cloud with AWS.