Power your market expansion with containers

Join in to hear from Stashaway’s CTO & Co-founder, Nino Ulsamer, and AWS Container guru Erik Orrgarde, talk about how Stashaway used containers on AWS to grow across four markets (and counting!). They will share key considerations, best practices and how their partnership with AWS helped them scale their business and platform.

AIML Applications in Fintech

Fintechs are increasingly using Artificial intelligence and Machine learning (AI/ML) technologies to change the face of financial services. Join us in this session to learn about the key use cases for which fintech startups can leverage the power of AI/ML: fraud detection, identity verification, document processing, personalized recommendations, identity verification, and much more. Based on real-life examples, understand best practices, new product launches, and hacks to build a cost-effective and scalable AI/ML solution.

The Transformative Power of Fintech platforms

As the Asian Fintech scene continues to grow and evolve, we see new players being born across a range of verticals – from Payments to Investments and SME banking. In this session, we will explore which segments will be most impactful, how to accelerate growth, and what can early-stage startups do to succeed in their Fintech aspirations.

Scaling the Tech behind Fintech

Hear from leading fintech startups as they share how they’ve built their tech stack to grow and scale with increasing business demands, and which technology has enabled their growth.

Why Security and Compliance Matters

Join experts from Amazon Web Services and leading fintech companies in this panel discussion. They will share best practices to help you achieve your security and compliance requirements in the cloud in line with the Southeast Asia fintech compliance landscape.

The State of Crypto in 2021

Join in industry experts as they share insights about the current state of Crypto. In depth conversation about the rise of decentralized finance, Defi vs Fintech, Onchain metrics and more.

Financial Inclusion

Hear from leading fintech startups as they share how they are innovating to keep financial inclusion at the forefront of their mission and how they build financially inclusive products and companies.

Game-changing Fintech Partnerships

By nature, fintech is a complex industry with many players, layers, and nodes to make our financial systems work. As new tech startups increasingly come onto the scene, powerful partnerships are being forged to reinvent how financial services are being delivered and used by customers. Hear from Wise and Aspire, two leading fintech companies, as to how they’ve partnered up to facilitate seamless transfers for small businesses.

State of the Union

Join leading fintech experts as they discuss the most innovative trends that are driving forward ASEAN’s explosive fintech industry. From new tech, to business models, to partnerships, to investors, our panel of experts will share up and coming trends and forces that they’re keeping an eye on.

Breaking down the deal

Speakers: Benjamin Soh, Managing Director, STACS Chionh Chye Kit, CEO & Co-founder, Cynopsis Solutions Nelson Tan, Team Lead, New Ways of Working, Eastspring Investments Moderator: Lillian So, Fintech Lead, Amazon Web Services